When Doug became Doris Ch. 01

Writers note: This story is pure fiction and depicts body modification and sexual exploitation. This story in no way accurately depicts the stages of irreversible sexual reassignment; emotionally or physically. I've left out any graphic details of the surgical procedure(s), I'll leave that up to the imagination of the reader. All fictional characters are over eighteen years of age.

When Doug became Doris -- Chapter one.

I was startled awake by April, my wife of seven months, who demanded that I get out of bed and join her downstairs.

I was surprised to learn that she wasn't alone, her lawyer friend Jackie was there as well, and they looked very serious.

April told me to have a seat at the table, then Jackie slid a folder over to me. I opened it and it contained divorce papers. My eyes started to swell with tears, I had no idea our marriage was in trouble.

April started to explain;

"I have lived a lie these past months, I am gay and I only married you for your money. Jackie and I have been in love for many years and we've decided to get married."

"I need you to sign these papers and move out right away. Do you remember when we first got married and Jackie had you sign papers about a life insurance policy?"

I nodded that I did.

"Well, those papers were actually to give me Power of Attorney to take sole possession of the house and all our bank accounts."

I didn't know what to say, my head was spinning with the sudden change in my life. I stammered,

"W-w-where am I supposed to go without any place to stay or any assets?"

I had inherited a huge sum of money when my parents died so I quit my job and started to live off my investments, now apparently my wife has control of those accounts.

"That's your problem now, I've packed all your now meager possessions so I need you to move out as Jackie is moving in!"

I was still a little groggy so I just sat there, stunned, trying desperately to come to grips with what was happening. Evidentially my short marriage had been just a sham to a gold-digger who was just after my money.

It had all started with a friend request on Social Media, a gorgeous young Asian-American women, ten years my junior, expressed interest in me and asked for us to meet. I was in my mid-thirties and had as of yet, never married. She was dominate and demanding and fit well with my long discovered submissive tendencies. I should have known, the romance went way too fast to be true. Now, here that gorgeous women was kicking me penniless to the curb.

My thoughts were interrupted by Jackie,

"We do however have an alternative!"

An alternative? I had no idea what that meant.

"We will let you stay on one condition, that you be permanently feminized and live as our lesbian sex slut!"

I was shocked,

"H-h-how will I do that?"

Jackie responded,

"You have the perfect physique to become a women, slender figure, slight man boobs and as April tells me, a three inch penis!"

I started to blush and became very embarrassed, I didn't see I had much of a choice. Jackie was right, I did have a small penis and frankly, I have long fantasied about becoming a women and being dominated by strong aggressive women.

"If I decide to do this, what will it entail?"

Jackie responded,

"It's best we don't tell you, your decision should be about becoming a women and leave the how-to, to us."

April interjected,

"You're so cute, you know exactly what that entails. I've seen your search history on your computer, I know you've fanaticized about this for a long time."

"I also found your other secret, that you love cross-dressing when you think nobody is looking. You're a bit of a pervert."

"So it's your choice, live with us as our slutty slave or live in the street."

I paused and looked at the suitcase April had packed for me. I really had no job skills so the chance of being employed, with a living wage, seemed low and April sure had me pegged, she must have seen something in my Social Media profile.

I cleared my throat and said,

"Ok, I love you April, and I know I couldn't live without you. So I'll do it, I'll become a women for you!"

Jackie took back the folder and pulled out the divorce papers,

"Here, sign these,"

She slid the papers back over to me and she had put little red arrow stickers marking where I needed to sign.

I did as instructed and signed and dated the papers.

Jackie took them back and examined them,

"Very good, now this;"

She slid another set of papers back over to me.

"What is this," I asked as I thumbed through what looked like a medical contract.

April answered,

"That is your agreement to undergo the procedure for permanent feminization. But don't act dumb, you already know all about how a sex reassignment surgery works."

I blushed, she seemed to know everything about me. I signed the papers and slid them back to Jackie, who notarized them.

"Very good," Jackie said as she pulled out her cell phone and made a call, she starting talking to someone on the other end,

"Ok, he's signed all the papers, we'll be there in about fifteen minutes."

April told me to strip and she handed me a gown similar to what patents wear in a clinic.

I took the gown and headed to the bathroom.

"Where are you going," April shouted,

"As our slut you no longer have any expectation of privacy, besides I want you to show Jackie that small penis of yours."

I reluctantly removed my clothes and presented myself to Jackie.

She cupped my balls and examined my penis, then fondled my man-boobs that had mysteriously developed over the course of the last six months.

"April, do you want to tell him our other little secret, or should I?"

April explained,

"Ok, just after we got married we started to hatch a plan, you know that physical for the Insurance Policy?"

"Yes," I answered bracing myself for what will come next.

"Well, that wasn't for any dam policy, it was your physical to evaluate you for your reassignment surgery."

"Soon after that, following the Doctors recommendations, I have been putting hormones in your food and drink. You had to have noticed the changes, especially your breasts, and by the way, they are filling out nicely."

"Yes", I answered, "I noticed and I did suspect something, but I liked the changes so I didn't say anything. I also suspect that you have me on testosterone blockers, otherwise I wouldn't have filled out like this."

"Well now that the gig is up, we should tell you we have your surgery scheduled in about fifteen minutes from now."

"Why are we doing this so soon," I inquired as I slipped into the gown.

"These things usually take a long time with all the therapy and counseling. How can this possibly be happening today?"

"We don't see any reason to wait, besides, we had this in the works for months," Jackie said, seemingly pleased with herself.

"The doctor you went to was actually a veterinarian who specializes in this type of procedure and she bypasses all the red tape a usual Doctor would have."

April grabbed my car keys,

"Let's go, they're waiting for us."

We went to the garage and got into what used to be my car, I was told to take my place in the back seat.

We drove a short way to a clinic that looked very familiar to me.

"Do you recognize this place," April asked.

"Why yes, this is where you took me for the physical for that Insurance Policy."

April and Jackie snickered,

April said,

"Yes, and this is also where you'll have you procedure today."

"Weren't you the least bit curious why that female Doctor spent so much time on your breasts and genitals?"

I was shocked, but also somewhat relieved, my secret was out and I could finally become the women I always fanaticized about".

We pulled up and parked in the "Patient Drop Off."

Jackie and April led me inside, a nurse was waiting at the door for us.

"Oh, welcome Doris," said the uniformed women, looking me up and down.

"Well, not yet," April said, "but she will be when we leave."

The nurse knowingly smiled, "We're all set for you, follow me."

My legs started to buckle as the nurse led me back to a room clearly designed for large animals, it had a large shower in the middle. Two other nurses entered, removed my gown and started applying a white lotion all over my body making sure a generous supply was applied to my genitals and breasts.

April and Jackie had followed and joined us in the room. My body started to tingle, then it started to sting.

Jackie looked at me and said sadistically,

"Say goodbye to your body hair slut, let the fun begin."

After about fifteen minutes the nurses pulled the handle on the shower causing a cascade of cold water to surge over and drench my naked body. I was shivering as I watched a milky fluid run down the drain, presumably with all my body hair with it.

I was patted dry by the nurses and Jackie told me to turn around so she and April can check out my now hairless body. Jackie nodded her approval to the nurses and they led me naked down the hall and into a well-lit area, they told me to get up on a table in the middle of the room.

They put my legs in makeshift stirrups and secured me down with body straps. Jackie and April took seats along the side of the room. The nurse secured a tight strap across my chest and pushed needles into each of my breasts. They attached tubes from the needles to IV bags that were hanging on a stand beside me. My skin started to tighten on my already sensitive breasts as they removed clamps from the tubes and the liquid started flowing into my chest.

Soon the same female Doctor from my physical entered the room and introduced herself as Doctor Kelly.

"Do you know why you are here?"

I nodded affirmative.

"Can I please see the paperwork," Jackie handed her the Medical forms I had signed.

"You know what we are about to do is irreversible right?"

I nodded that I knew.

"Ok, I see they have started the saline and mammary stimulus drugs, very good."

"How big will her breasts get today," Jackie asked.

"I think she'll be about a temporary B-cup today, but I think she'll be a nice C-cup when all is said and done."

"Great, we brought a nice slutty B-cup French Maid outfit for her to wear home" Jackie said.

"Ok, let's get started shall we," Doctor Kelly said moving a television camera in front of me.

"We need you to look into the camera and state that you have made this decision on your own free will and that you know it's irreversible."

I did as requested and the Doctor handed the CD to a nurse who she told to put in the safe.

"Before we start, do you have any questions for me?"

"Actually, I do," I responded.

"So when I leave here today I will be a women with a full reconstructed vagina, correct?"

"That is correct, we will be preforming an Orchiectomy and Vaginoplasty on you today"

"And my breasts, will the hormones develop full breasts or will I need augmentation."

"Here, let me show you,"

The Doctor unzipped the front of her uniform dress, unhooked her bra, and exposed a set of perfectly formed and developed C-cup breasts.

"I had my surgery three years ago and all I needed were hormone treatments to develop these beauties!"

I had no idea she was a transsexual, her body looked perfect and she had a sweet female voice.

"Your voice," I asked, "It's so feminine, and you must have taken voice therapy then?"

"Yes, and April has ordered sessions for you as well."

"What about my vagina, will it look natural?"

Doctor Kelly lowered the table down to crotch level, then she removed her panties exposing perfectly formed female gentiles.

"The same Doctor who did this, will be assisting me with your surgery today."

I was amazed, the only hint that she wasn't born that way were very tiny scars.

"Any more questions?"

"Yes, are you able to have sex as a women and have orgasms?"

"Sure, but I have to be careful not to take too long of a penis. I'm rather shallow, and you will be as well. So most of my orgasms are achieved anally."

Jackie interjected, "and we plan to put both orifices to good use!"

Just then, another female Doctor entered the room.

Doctor Kelly introduced her as Doctor Amber.

"Pleased to meet you Doris, are you ready?"

"Yes, but I must compliment you on the work you did on Doctor Kelly."

"Thanks, and I'm confident that your surgery will turn out that good as well."

With that Doctor Kelly asked April and Jackie to leave the room.

"She should be ready to go home in about four hours!"

"Ok," Jackie answered, "that'll give us time to buy her some slutty accessories to go with her outfit when we take her home today."

Once my breasts were filled to capacity the needles and tight strap were removed. I found out later that the strap was needed to make sure all the saline went into my boobs and not my chest. And the saline contained stimulants to start the growth of my mammary glands.

Next an IV was started in my arm,

"This will put you out while we work," Doctor Amber said,

"When you see us next you will be a slutty little girl."

The drugs had me out quickly.

The next thing I knew I was waking up with April and Jackie at my side.

"The Doctors said everything went well," April said, "Let's try to get you to stand up."

I was helped off the table and taken to a full length mirror. My penis was gone, only a patch of bloody gauze remained. They turned me so I could see my profile. My chest looked amazing, I now had breasts with full nipples.

"Don't get too used to them yet," one of the nurses said, "the liquid will be absorbed into your body in about a day. Now that you will no longer be producing testosterone we can start using hormone patches, we put one on your left buttock. You will need to change it every other day or so."

Jackie grabbed a bag from their shopping and announced,

"Ok Slut, let's get you dressed."

They applied make-up to my face and liner to enhance my eyes. My mouth was adorned with bright red lip-gloss.

Next went on the pink shear panties, then the nude pantyhose. Next was a frilly black and white French maid's outfit which left my breasts and ass fully exposed. They had me bend over the table and inserted a large butt plug in my rectum.

Jackie asked the nurse to come in, she held up two large silver rings about two inches in diameter and a sixteenth of an inch thick. She asked the nurse if she could do some piercings.

The nurse left and came back with a piercing gun and punctured both my nipples. The oversized jewelry was fitted through the holes. The rings hung from my bare breasts and over the black apron of my costume. Then the nurse pierced my earlobes and added a smaller ring in each of my ears. They put a long blonde haired wig on my head and added a frilly maid's bonnet.

Jackie buckled a thick black studded collar around my neck and pushed a red ball gag into my mouth, securing it in place behind my head.

April told me to put my hands behind my back and she cuffed my wrists together.

The two women fitted four inch high heeled shoes on my feet.

They again walked me over to the mirror. I could hardly believe that was me. Slutty makeup on my face, bare pierced boobs, wig and pantyhose.

"My God," I said to myself, "I AM a slut!"

All told, I kind of liked my new look.

"Let's take her home now," Jackie said to April as she clipped a leash to the D-ring on my collar.

Jackie took the leash and led me to the door. As I struggled to walk in my high heels, Jackie turned around and watched, obviously getting immense enjoyment out of my predicament.

Usually when discharged from a surgical procedure, the patient will be taken to the door in a wheelchair. But this was no normal hospital and I was accompanied by two very sadistic Lesbian women.

They dragged me to the door,

"I have her scheduled for a follow-up appointment in two weeks," said a nurse her face adsorbed in her computer.

"Oh, I see the Doctor's want me to inject her with painkillers and antibiotics. They also want me to send along a couple days' worth for her to take orally."

I was told to bend over and the nurse gave me the injections in my overexposed button.

The nurse handed April a large white bag.

The sliding doors opened and I was led to the car. There I was, breasts and ass exposed for all to see, I was now a female starting a new life as a Lesbian. There was no turning back now. I got in the car, shackled wrists and all, and Jackie pulled my seatbelt across my chest and down the middle of my newly formed cleavage. I knew riding in a car would never be the same.

I was buckled in tightly so there was no way I could slump down in my seat to obscure my frontal nakedness. I was about to be flashing my tits to anyone who happened to look my way. I soon discovered a new fetish I never knew I had, Voyeurism!

I started to get aroused by the thought that I'd be the object of attraction to unsuspecting males. But my arousal was different, I now had a pussy and I felt myself starting to get wet. Yup, my newly formed female sex organs were starting to work alright!

Following the short drive, we pulled into the garage and the engine was turned off. Unexpectedly April and Jackie started to strip one another. The whole experience had them so aroused that they couldn't even wait until they got into the house. They made passionate love with a double headed rubber penis, obvious to the fact that I was still bound in the back seat.

Apparently the dosage of painkillers took effect because I must have passed out.

When I came to, I was chained spread eagle to the bed in the guest room. From the sounds emitting through the wall, I knew April and Jackie were still going at it in the next room.

It had been a long day, but a prolonged night was just beginning.

To be continued...












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